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Nicola Malloy

Life Coach

Nicola joined the team to provide coaching and she is really looking forward to supporting you through attentive listening and empowering questioning in the calm and supportive space that is Stable Minds to overcome any issues you might face, to (re)discover yourself, to build your confidence, to create a life in line with your vision, values and purpose and to find balance and happiness.

In very recent years, Nicola trained as a Level 7 Senior Leader and Executive Coach. This training builds on a twenty year career in education interspersed with roles in advice and guidance all of which have always featured elements of coaching. It also reflects a long-standing interest: When she was of the age at which she had to decide what career to pursue, she struggled to decide between two interests: psychology and foreign languages. In the end, Nicola opted for the latter.  Her interest in the first (and related areas, like coaching) however remained.


Half a career later, Nicola has also (finally) followed her second passion. Following a number of periods during which she obtained and benefitted from the positive impact of coaching herself, it was not pure psychology, but coaching (which integrates elements of psychology) she chose to study. Now here she is at Stable Minds.

Nicola is very excited to be offering you the opportunity to also experience coaching and its empowering and inspiring impact!


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