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Patrick Breheny


Introducing Our New Counsellor: Patrick Breheny.


We are thrilled to welcome Patrick Breheny to the Stable Minds team as our new fully qualified counsellor. Patrick brings with him a wealth of experience and a deep passion for helping individuals navigate their mental and emotional challenges.

About Patrick:
Patrick is an experienced and qualified Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist, registered with the BACP (British Association For Counselling & Psychotherapy). Born in Manchester, he is deeply familiar with the culture and the sense of community that the city offers. Patrick is not just a counsellor by profession; he believes in the power of counselling as a way of life. He uses the foundations of counselling to enhance all his relationships, both personal and professional.

As a father of three young boys and a husband, Patrick understands the importance of good communication. He has a strong desire to assist those in need and finds immense satisfaction in being a part of someone's journey to change. Witnessing individuals transform and overcome their challenges brings him immense joy and reinforces his belief in the potential of people.

Patrick has several years of experience working in various settings, including G.P surgeries, detox units, community drug and alcohol treatments, and private practice. He has worked extensively in the fields of substance misuse and mental health, delivering group sessions on relapse prevention for addiction and promoting healthy minds. His experience spans a broad spectrum of issues, from bereavement and anxiety to depression and various health challenges.

Counselling Approach:
Patrick takes a humanistic approach to therapy, believing that everyone deserves empathy, compassion, and unconditional positive regard. He strives to create a safe space for clients to share their concerns and believes in the power of the therapeutic relationship. Patrick is trained in Person-centred Counselling, Transactional Analysis, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, allowing him to tailor his approach to the unique needs of each client.

Joining Stable Minds:
Milly, the founder of Stable Minds, has known Patrick for a number of years and has personally witnessed the profound impact of his counselling skills. She shares, "Patrick is not just a counsellor; he is someone who genuinely cares and has a natural ability to connect with individuals. I've seen first hand the positive transformations he has facilitated in many lives." We are beyond excited to have Patrick on board, and Milly believes he is an absolute asset to Stable Minds. His expertise, combined with his compassionate approach, will undoubtedly bring immense value to our community and the individuals we support.

For those interested in scheduling a session with Patrick or learning more about our counselling services, please contact us at

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