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Raising money for Stable Minds is one of the best ways to support us. With the donations we have already received, we have been incredibly fortunate. There are several ways you can get involved and help the centre raise much-needed funding. Putting on your running shoes and participating in sponsored runs, as well as hosting concerts, sporting events, coffee mornings, and bake sales.


We would be grateful to hear from you if you were considering starting a fundraising campaign or perhaps joining an already-existing event with Stable Minds as the beneficiary.


Give a brief summary of the event activity you will be organising to


We can provide a variety of resources and assets to support your fundraising both online and offline, depending on the scope and size of the event. Our social media presence can also be utilised to support your event where appropriate to maximise your fundraising activity.


Alternately, if you just want to link your event to our Just Giving account, click the link below to get going.

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