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Stable Minds health & safety Policy


To limit the risks of Health & Safety issues at Stable minds.

To provide and maintain safe equipment.

To ensure all designated individuals are competent to fulfil their roles.

To minimise the risks of accidents and to maintain safe and healthy working conditions.


Overall and final responsibility for health and safety is held by the Principal Director.

Day to day responsibility for ensuring that this policy is put into practice is held by the Centre Manager.

All employees, therapists, students, trainers and visitors must adhere to this policy, co-operate on all health and safety matters and take reasonable care of their own health and safety.

All health and safety concerns must be reported to the Administrator.


Risk Assessment 

Risk assessments will be the responsibility of the Centre manager.

The findings of the risk assessment will be reported to the Principal Director who will action or approve any required amendments.

The Administrator will reassess the risk.

Assessments will be undertaken every 12 months.



Induction training will be provided for all employees by the Principal Director and the Administrator.


Accidents and First aid

 A first aid box is kept in the kitchen.


All accidents should be reported to the Administrator and reported in the first aid book which is kept in the main office on the shelf behind Administrator’s desk.


 Emergency Procedures and fire evacuation

The Administrator is responsible for ensuring that the fire risk assessment is undertaken and implemented.


Escape routes are checked by the Administrator regularly and fire extinguishers are checked and maintained every year.


Risk Assessment for Stable Minds

i.  What are the hazards?

           Electrical equipment: microwave, heaters, kettles, computers, TVs, overhead projectors, lamps, light fittings,

           Carpets, rugs well maintained.

 ii.  Who might be harmed?

           Staff, therapists, clients, students, visitors, trainers.

 iii.  What are we already doing?

           Maintaining furnishings and fittings.

           Maintaining records of maintenance /replacement of electrical equipment.

 iv.  Implementation of the risk assessment

           Maintenance/replacement of electrical equipment indicated on equipment.


This policy is regularly reviewed every 18 months and updated a minimum of every 36 months as necessary.

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