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Therapy Dog

Our very own therapy dog, and you can schedule sessions with him for animal-assisted therapy.


When Domino was 15 weeks old, Milly adopted him as a family pet. Domino is from a Welsh farm in the nearby area of Criccieth.


After discovering how much support he had given her, especially during difficult times, Milly trained him to be a therapy dog herself. He was at her Heal when Milly set up My umbrella, Me, and PTSD on the moor park in Knutsford, which was a huge success.


Domino became Salford Royal soul Therapy dog last year. Every week, he and Milly volunteer there in order to cheer up the staff members—doctors, nurses, and patients—and spread a little joy.


If you ever get to meet Domino, he enjoys a treat and a back-of-the-ear scratch.


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