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...and help us be there for everyone who needs us.


Raising money for Stable Minds is one of the best ways to support us. With the donations we have already received, we have been incredibly fortunate. There are several ways you can get involved and help the centre raise much-needed funding. Putting on your running shoes and participating in sponsored runs, as well as hosting concerts, sporting events, coffee mornings, and bake sales.


We would be grateful to hear from you if you were considering starting a fundraising campaign or perhaps joining an already-existing event with Stable Minds as the beneficiary.


Give a brief summary of the event activity you will be organising to


We can provide a variety of resources and assets to support your fundraising both online and offline, depending on the scope and size of the event. Our social media presence can also be utilised to support your event where appropriate to maximise your fundraising activity.


Alternately, if you just want to link your event to our Just Giving account, click the link below to get going.


Without the assistance of our amazing and devoted volunteers, many of the activities that Stable Minds undertake simply would not be possible. They are there to make sure that we can interact  and support as many individuals as possible.


In order to help us keep growing as an independent and creative community interest company, volunteering for us necessitates utilising a wide range of skills and experiences. To help you understand what will be expected of you, whether you volunteer at the centre or at one of our fundraising events, we have designed a volunteer application form.


We are constantly on the lookout for new volunteers to join our team. Please complete the form below if you believe you can contribute, have the necessary skills, and have the time to dedicate to helping create a safe space for our local community.


Did you know that...

  • £10,000- Will fund initial set up of the centre. Including support groups, marketing, materials for the much needed support groups

  • £20,000- Will help fund 15 clients to receive 1 2 1 counselling, emergency self care packages and workshops to help support the local community

  • £30,000- Will mean the organisation can take on another room at the centre which will enable more service users to have 1 2 1 therapy with counsellors

If you are fortunate enough to be in a position to donate to our charity, you can do so via the 'donate' button below,


We are forever thankful for your support.

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A fantastic method to integrate your commercial organisation with Stable Minds is through corporate sponsorship.


An alliance with Knutsfords unique mental health support center will be advantageous to your business. Our events and social media presence have a following of active users that you will be able to reach and engage with through our partnerships. Through our PR team's relationships with local and national media, we may also assist in spreading news about your kind donation through broadcast media.


You can use our digital and offline assets and tools for your own messaging, branding, events, and PR. You and your staff also have the option of participating in group volunteer endeavours, such as our annual Color Run. Which will all be documented for your use.

Corporate Packages


Stable Minds welcomes enquiries from companies of any size.


You might choose to sponsor our company for the entire year.  You might decide to become the primary sponsor of one of our prestigious yearly events, giving you sole naming rights.  Or  if you make a one-time donation, we will give you a breakdown how your money has been used  to change peoples lives in our local community.


Over the next five years, we have some extremely large ideas and some challenging obstacles. To put these concepts into practise and meet these obstacles, we will need excellent partners.


In appreciation for everything you have helped us accomplish and the lives you've helped change, we have a gold plaque at the centre to give thanks to the Company’s who donate £5000 or more.


Get in touch today, we would love to hear from you.


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