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At Stable Minds we offer a range of services from 1-2-1 counselling, life coaching, support groups, workshops and mindfulness. The most important thing for us is to create a place where you can talk about the things that matter to you....your safe place.


Each person is unique. Each person possesses a special set of traits and life experiences, some of which are positive and some of which are negative.


But despite how buried they may sometimes feel, we believe that everyone has strengths.


In order to connect with others, find or rediscover their positive traits and affect positive change, our aim is to empower our clients.


Our counsellors are here to support you in creating positive connections with both yourself and other people. Regardless of the issue, we aim to make you feel better.

What is counselling?


Talking therapies like counselling give you a secure setting in which to share your problems and worries. Counsellors assist you in expressing feelings and thoughts that you may find challenging to understand. You can discover methods for living a stable, healthy and fulfilled life through counselling.


Counselling can help you work through whatever is bothering you and learn new methods for coping with life. You may find the strength to make decisions that will make you feel better.


Through these sessions, you may gain skills that allow you to communicate more clearly with others, thereby strengthening your relationships.

What issues can you assist with?


We know that deciding to seek professional assistance is a big decision. We want to make sure you get the appropriate person to support you in this journey.


We have counsellors who specialise in:


• Stress

• Depression

• Isolation and loneliness

• Trauma - such as bereavement, grief, and domestic abuse

• Alcohol and addiction

• Illnesses - both acute and chronic

• Family and relationship issues


Our counsellors' expertise extends far beyond the previously stated areas, though. Counselling can help if you're feeling sad or dissatisfied with your life, even if you don't know exactly what's wrong.  After your initial appointment, we'll do our best to discover the ideal counsellor for you.

How does it work?


A free initial appointment, lasting 30 minutes, allows us to talk about any issues you might be having. This aids us in understanding your situation and finding the best individual or group to support you and your needs.


After that, we will choose a time and date that work for you to begin your sessions.


Our sessions usually last 50 minutes. The number of sessions and frequency you need may vary depending on your situation or the advice of your counsellor.


If someone who has already received counselling from us feels they need more time and space to discuss, they are invited to arrange further sessions.


We're pleased to now provide face-to-face or telephone consultations. We recognise that staying at home may make you feel safer or more at ease and eliminate the need to travel. 

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